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E-learning platforms

We specialize in making e-learning platfroms for companies, schools or institutions. This handy tool will help you train your employees or students wherever they are! Our platforms help with collecting points to each profile, preparing tests and updating.

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E-learning as the future of aquiring the knowledge

As the years are passing, e-learning platforms are getting more and more popular. They let us solve the tests anytime. Additionally, adequately designed, they are accessible form of learning, connecting interactivity with traditional knowledge acquisition. Do you think that it is easy to find all the answers in the internet? It is probable, but remember that setting the time limit, randoming the questions and limiting the opportunities of taking tests eliminate the attempts of cheating.


Why using e-learning platforms?

Not only schools use e-learning platforms. This solution is more and more popular among firms or institutions. Possibility of conducting online trainings is cheaper, more comfortable and easy to control. You need to prepare adequate materials and we will make a system which will be used by your employees and will collect their results.


E-learning with Olicom is:

Possibility of conducting online courses and trainings

Interactive introducing of exam materials

Employees’ and lecturers’ profiles

Handy statistics and results conducting

Possibility of updating tests

Saving the time and money on the contrary to tradidtional trainings

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We have managed to cooperate in such way where both sides are satisfied with benefits.

Olicom is a team which not only fulfills commands quickly, but also takes the initiative. Every time we talk, it feels like they get the point and try to come up with different solutions to pursue the client’s objectives. It is a pleasure to work with them!

I am satisfied with collaborating with Olicom. First of all, the project of the website realization was compatible with my expectations. They understood my needs perfectly. I recommend Olicom with a clear conscience.

We appreciate the content with Olicom graphics and programists. They are always kind-hearted, cheerful, professional and focused on the aim. They are also reliable when it comes to unexpected situations. The communication in critical situations is always proper and malfunctions are quickly discarded.

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