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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Remember that a responsive website which is adjusted to mobile devices may be a compromise! If your brand is popular among smartphones’ and tablets’ users, think of implementing the mobile app dedicated for such devices.

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Mobile Apps

The advantages of mobile apps

We will work with you to create the mobile app that can be uploaded to App Store, Google Play or the Windows Store. What are the advantages of such solution? Mobile apps are perfectly optimized for smartphones and tablets. They work better than mobile versions of websites, open faster and retrieve less data. Moreover, it is possible to install and uninstall them anytime you want. That is why you have to hire specialists to create it!

Mobile Apps

How do we make mobile apps?

The initial process is similar to traditional project development. First, similarly to creating web apps, websites or e-shops, we discuss the idea together and then we set the targets. After initial acceptance, we make graphic representations of apps' screens to which it is possible to implement corrections. If everything is accepted, our programmers prepare BETA version for the final accept.

Mobile Apps

Thanks to mobile apps:

You will reach new sector of clients

Users will have access to your service anytime they want

You will share your offer to popular mobile app stores

You will make it easier to use your service on a smartphone and tablet!

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We have managed to cooperate in such way where both sides are satisfied with benefits.

Olicom is a team which not only fulfills commands quickly, but also takes the initiative. Every time we talk, it feels like they get the point and try to come up with different solutions to pursue the client’s objectives. It is a pleasure to work with them!

I am satisfied with collaborating with Olicom. First of all, the project of the website realization was compatible with my expectations. They understood my needs perfectly. I recommend Olicom with a clear conscience.

We appreciate the content with Olicom graphics and programists. They are always kind-hearted, cheerful, professional and focused on the aim. They are also reliable when it comes to unexpected situations. The communication in critical situations is always proper and malfunctions are quickly discarded.

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