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We create web apps for a special order and we adjust them to our clients’ needs. When creating apps we use the newest technologies like PHP, Ajax, JavaScript, XML, MySQL, MSSQL or Oracle.


Free calculation

Detailed specifications will be prepared based upon collaboration between the project manager and the lead developer after receiving the inquiry. The result is a staged proposal with detailed descriptions sent to our client free of charge.


12 years of EXPERIENCE

Every company has its own operating scheme, so do we. Olicom Interactive has a special method of preparing the offer and implementing dedicated internet apps. We offer free of charge consultation where we take into account the aims and needs of our client, and provide free of charge proposals. We introduce preliminary ideas for web apps adjusted to the individual needs. From the beginning we are in touch with the client informing him about progress.

2-year warranty

Each realization includes 2-year warranty, so you will not be left alone after the realization! Our programmers are dedicated to resolivng any issues as soon as possible.


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Orders’ management system

Orders’ management system

Client: Body Chief

BodyChief orders’ management system is a tool made for an individual order for one of the most famous diet catering companies in Poland. The system is equipped with dedictated modules. It was prepared after discussing the needs of a client. The system was prepared on the base of CMS Olicom, what enables the support of about thousand orders per month.

E-learning platform

Client: Parker Pen

As the years are passing, e-learning platforms are getting more and more popular. They let us solve the tests anytime and adequately designed, they are accessible form of learning, connecting interactivity with traditional knowledge acquisition. This is the solution Parker Pen implemented in their company.

The offering tool

The offering tool

Client: AXA Trading

Web app prepared for AXA Trading is dedicated solution prepared for making offers and generating complete, personalized calculations which are based on an adjusted system. You can make an offer in several formats depending on client needs.

Jakdojade app integrator

Client: MPK Gniezno

This app prepared for MPK Gniezno is a tool which enables generating special .json files which are sent to jakdojade. Thanks to it, the app is able to read updated schedules correctly and inform Gniezno city inhabitants about any changes in public transport.

Music App

Music App

Client: Music for Business

This app gives you paid access music on the license of Creative Commons. This is a great solution for enterprises that would like to play music, for example in restaurants, cafés and clothes shops.


We make:

Customer service systems
Controlling and reporting platforms
Loyalty programs
Specialized systems for product selling
CRM systems
Advanced calculators
Integrations through API
Booking management systems for hotels and pensions
Offer folders
Shop to stocks integration
Generators of prints
Apps for developers


We have managed to cooperate in such way where both sides are satisfied with benefits.

Olicom is a team which not only fulfills commands quickly, but also takes the initiative. Every time we talk, it feels like they get the point and try to come up with different solutions to pursue the client’s objectives. It is a pleasure to work with them!

I am satisfied with collaborating with Olicom. First of all, the project of the website realization was compatible with my expectations. They understood my needs perfectly. I recommend Olicom with a clear conscience.

We appreciate the content with Olicom graphics and programists. They are always kind-hearted, cheerful, professional and focused on the aim. They are also reliable when it comes to unexpected situations. The communication in critical situations is always proper and malfunctions are quickly discarded.


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